Week/weeks update

It’s been a busy/weird/awesome/fun last few weeks.  I’m so used to it much going on that the last two weeks felt like a race.  And in the last two weeks, I even ran a race.

I did the Sporting Life 10k, despite not really training for the run before hand.  I did run it slow, but as it was my first 10k ever, I at least now have a time to beat on my next run.  I’m also going to have to start trying to motivate myself to start running regularly again.

I also ended up doing an escape room for the first time too in the last week.  Lots of fun and some of the puzzles were a little obtuse, but neat once they were figured out.  We did beat the room, but we were 30 seconds over time.  I do want to try other rooms now because it was a lot of fun and I would reccomend it to anyone.

In the next few days, I’m also going to look into joining a proper gym.  I’ve not been a member of a gym for a year and a bit now and it shows.  I don’t know why I can’t seem to motivate myself without it, but lucky for me a new YMCA is opening up in a place that is not all that far away from our apartment.  

Things may have been slow and same-y since last fall, but at least now things seem to be opening up.  Here is to hoping this trend continues.

Morning Runs

I’ve been forcing myself to get back into running since I’m no longer back at school.  2 years ago I was inching close to hitting the 10k mark after a year of running consistently.  I’ve done small runs since, but nothing of note.

This year however, I’ve gone and signed up for two 10k’s this summer.  What a silly idea.

I’ve been putting off training due to sheer laziness and excuses, but yesterday I laced up my shoes and went out to see how much distance and speed I have lost.  

Turns out, not all that much!  I was significantly slower than I have been in the past, but I hit the starting distance I was aiming for on the first try with no breaks.

There is hope for me yet.  I think I might just be able to hit those two 10k’s and not be a pile of mush at the end.

Power of the EL2

I do miss this camera, but sadly film is getting to expensive to develop properly these days.  Lucky for me I have amazing friends who pitched in to buy me a fancy new Nikon digital camera that still works with all the old lenses that would work on my EL2.

I also have a nice Holga 35mm that I’ve been dragging around with me everywhere in a pocket to snap photos from the hip.  I don’t mind going to a cheap place to develop those photos because if they screw up the film, it only adds to the look.

New Beginnings

Redone the old blog, removed the old posts, starting fresh.

There is a mood I get in sometimes where I just need to write.  It comes in waves, although I wish it would increase in frequency.  Sometimes it is hard for me to force myself to log in and type what I feel should be typed; especially when there are so many distractions about.  I’m going to make an attempt at keeping this space updated with things, although it might just end up being fragmented ideas, photos, short stories, or even just life updates that I need to get off my chest.  Nothing special mind you; just brain droppings.

I hope you’ll come with me for the ride.